Project Deliverables

Media With Walker produces promotional videos using creative videography.  We work closely with our clients to create promotional videos aligned with their vision.  Using the latest technology we film using a variety of recording techniques to create exciting visuals.  Media With Walker produces promotional videos that strongly resonate with your target audience.

  At Media With Walker we know how important discretion is for our clients, so whether we are filming at a school or at a client’s property, we work hard to keep any disruption to a minimum.  

Our aims

  • We create professional, high-quality, promotional videos.
  • Work to deadlines agreed with the client. 
  • Film promotional video footage with DSLR, a range of cameras and a drone (if permitted around the property).
  • We do all the Video Editing including colour grading, music editing, audio enhancements, special effects and transitions. 

Promotional School Videos

Media With Walker produces promotional videos ideal for any Primary or Secondary school.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions preventing prospective pupils and parents from attending open days, virtual school tours have been the solution.

We use creative videography to showcase the school’s grounds and facilities.  Working closely with the staff and pupils, we capture the personality and values of the school.

All the footage in these videos was filmed, edited and produced by Media With Walker

Promotional Property & Hotel Videos

Media With Walker worked with Siembra Boutique Hostel in Minca, Colombia to create a promotional video of their hostel.  With Covid-19 drastically reducing International tourism in Colombia, the hostel had to adapt to attract long-term guests. 

The promotional video created shows Siembra’s enviable position nestled in the Colombian jungle.  Using creative videography, the promotional video reveals stylish accommodation, delicious food, daily yoga and incredible sunsets.

Media With Walker produces promotional videos, ideal for showcasing properties.  This summer we took aerial shots of La Belle Epoque, a gorgeous holiday let property in the Lot-et-Garonne.

Professional Travel Videos

Media With Walker produces fantastic travel videography, using footage from our travels around the world.  Media With Walker produces promotional videos and we are looking forward to creating more professional travel videos. 

When we were repatriated back to the UK from Colombia in early May we decided to film our experience.  Whilst the rest of the world was in lockdown and hardly any planes were flying, we documented our journey.

Charity Fundraising Videos

It was a pleasure to use our skills to create a charity fundraising video.  As the world went into lockdown in May, the small village of Minca in Colombia was hit hard.  Relying heavily on tourism, as the coffee tours stopped and restaurants closed, many residents saw their incomes disappear overnight. 

Local business owners rallied around to help the village.  With a co-ordinated fundraising initiative on GoFundMe, over £10,000 was raised.  Using the donations raised, the village is now growing their own food.

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