The Famous Holbox Lobster Pizza

Isla Holbox Loster Pizza

You can’t come to Isla Holbox without trying the island’s signature dish, lobster pizza. The seas around the island have an abundance of seafood, with lobster being the king of the catch.

Walking through town you’ll see many restaurants offering the famous dish and some claiming that they were the first to offer it, but after much research, we read that Roots Restaurant was the best place on the Island. At 600 pesos for a lobster pizza, our expectations were set very high.

We headed to the restaurant for lunch around midday. After a long walk along the beach in the morning and having had no breakfast, we were hungry and excited to try this Holbox speciality.

The restaurant itself is charming. There are lots of wooden tables nestled under the trees. Cool woven lamps hang from the branches and it has a lovely relaxed vibe. Friendly staff take your order and reassured us that the pizza was plenty for two. We sipped on local beers with lemons in them whilst waiting expectantly for our order to arrive.

Roots Restaurant
Roots Restaurant

A delicious waft of garlic filled the air as a 12inch, thin based pizza with delicious chunks of garlicky lobster, crust to crust, was placed in front of us. Cooked to perfection in their outdoor wood-fired oven.

The lobster was sweet and tender, caught fresh that morning. To add to the experience your pizza comes with three of Roots’ homemade sauces – not spicy (tomato-based), medium spice (smokey habanero oil that has a mild heat) and very spicy (oil with fresh, hot green habanero chillis).

Famous Isla Holbox Lobster Pizza
The Famous Isla Holbox Lobster Pizza

All three sauces complement the pizza perfectly. Our favourite was a mixture of the two spicy sauces. If you like a spicy kick, you’ll love the combination of the two sauces that go perfectly with the sweet lobster meat.

At 600 pesos this is not the cheapest pizza you’ll ever eat, but it might be the best.

Even better, they take card so we were able to pay in Mexican pesos using our Revolut card. If you don’t have a revolut card, sign up using this link today and don’t pay transaction fees on overseas payments any more.

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Have you been to Holbox before and tried the signature Holbox lobster pizza? Which restaurant would you recommend?

P.S Apologies to any Italian friends we offend by writing this article!

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