Who Are we?


Hi there,

We’re Adam and Claire and we come from the UK. Welcome to our blog – Eat With Walker.

In November 2019 we embarked on a round the world trip. We come alive when travelling and experiencing different cultures. From wild Peruvian jungles to breathtaking Patagonian glaciers, we will share it all with you.

Join us on our adventures travelling the world, sharing incredible food and displaying exciting photography. Come and learn with us.

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Our Core Values

We intend to share high quality, up to date and exciting content.

What's the plan?

Our adventure starts in Isla Holbox where we will then travel down through Central and South America, visiting beautiful locations along the way. The first part of our travels will conclude on the fascinating Easter Island. 

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Having the ability to share beautiful and exciting photography has long been a passion of ours. From Michelin Star tasting menus to the strangest wildlife, you can find it all in our gallery. Visit our gallery and let us know your thoughts, it would be great to hear from you.​